Rom Zom Com: A Romantic Zombie Comedy Anthology

Book cover for "Rom Zom Com: A Romantic Zombie Comedy Anthology"

Rom Zom Com: A Romantic Zombie Comedy Anthology

Rom Zom Com, brought to you by KnightWatch Press is a collection of twelve lovingly crafted tales by a whole host of talented writers, blending the best of the zombie genre with a touch of romance and a few laughs. And you know what? Zombies need love too. In this collection of stories there’s romance, comedy and the creeping undead looking for love, looking for brains and going about their business while survivors figure out they’ve still got the urge.

The opening story, Generation Z, has an offer that’s hard to refuse. In Fitting In you’ll find a tale of a being an outsider. In Nesting Instinct, love drives dangerous heroics while The Ardent Dead sees romance beyond the ages. One mother makes do in the story, Family Life, while Barney, a beloved cat, causes quite some trouble in another. Faye finds love in an unexpected place in Faye of the Dead and Lucinda discovers journals are not all they’re cracked up to be in Living Dead in Miami. How you deal with hungry relatives is the problem in Fifty Years going on Forever, and in Jenny a young man finds his heroism. In Sing For Your Life we find out just what gets the dead grooving while one of the most unpleasant of people gets to go on a Blind Date in the last tale.

With stories from, among others, Christine Morgan, David Williamson, Nick Zaino III and Nicholas Knight, you’ll find yourself loving, crying and screaming to the very last page.

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